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July 2016

General Knowledge about Life

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About Money

  • Don’t EVER do debt! There is NEVER a reason to need debt.
  • Plan for your total monthly expenses to be ¼ of your income. If you can pay for the month’s expenses by the end of the first seven days, you can enjoy, help others, and save ¾ of your income.
  • Earn money in as many ways as possible.
  • If you take care of you 1st, helping others become a possibility.

About Education

  • I make about a G a week, so **** school. – KRS-ONE
  • Improving your character and spirituality is the main cause of life long happiness.
  • Success only brings temporary happiness, which cannot be compared to a lifetime of happiness that balance brings.
  • Schools produce clones and is the most pervasive money grab ever invented.
  • Knowledge you obtain by your own means is power.
  • Knowledge imparted by others is soon forgotten.
  • Learn to learn, build, be creative, fix things, not concern yourself with results, listen and shut up.

About People

  • Everyone think of themselves first.
  • Only crazy people sacrifice themselves for other. Smart people strive to have enough to share without compromising their prized possessions.
  • Religion is a lid. You will not fully realize your potential, if you are bound to a religious system.

About You

  • If you do what is right today, tomorrow will take care of itself, and yesterday will have always been awesome.
  • Ask for forgiveness, and not permission regarding things that concern you.
  • Abuse others and you will become a victim too.
  • Live life KNOWING that most mistakes can be overcome.
  • People only understand what they do, so when you do something new or obscure most people will not understand why.